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Hybrid Water Heaters, Winter Haven, FL

Let us explain hybrid water heaters, so you can decide if you need one for your Winter Haven home.

Hybrid Water Heaters in Winter Haven, FL
You probably already know there are gas and electric water heaters. You may also know there are standard and tankless water heaters. But do you know about hybrid water heaters? When you call us at Stuart’s Plumbing, you can count on learning about all the various types, so you can make an informed decision about which is best for your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Traditional water heaters use a tank and a heating element to heat the water, keeping it hot all the time, which isn’t the most efficient. Tankless water heaters are more efficient but cannot always keep up with heavy usage like a large household requires. In order to get the best of both worlds, hybrid water heaters were developed.

Hybrid water heaters have a storage tank, but they use a heat pump to heat the water. It works like the heat pump on an HVAC system in that an evaporator coil containing refrigerant pulls heat from the air in order to heat the water more efficiently. You still get hot water available all the time, but with the tank, you won’t run out as easily as you could with a tankless water heater.

When it is time to replace your older water heater or if it just isn’t meeting your family’s needs, we welcome your call to inquire about other options, including hybrid water heaters. We will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages, as well as an estimate, for each type, so you can choose what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget.

Join the countless other Winter Haven, Florida homeowners who have entrusted us for decades for reliable plumbing services. You’ll be glad you did.

At Stuart’s Plumbing, our plumbers can install and repair hybrid water heaters in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Auburndale and Bartow, Florida.