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Water Heater Replacement, Auburndale, FL

Did You Know Your Water Heater Replacement Can Save You Money?

Water Heater Replacement in Auburndale, Florida

Does the thought of water heater replacement give you a headache? If your water heater is emitting funky sounds, leaking, or not even heating your water, it’s definitely time for a water heater replacement.

Units that are over a decade old can cause a lot of stress for homeowners, and we know it’s usually a simple explanation: your water heater’s lifespan is up! Most tank storage water heaters have a lifespan of about 10-12 years, although this number can vary depending on how regularly you serviced your unit.

At Stuart’s Plumbing, we help homeowners in the Auburndale, Florida area find the best water heater replacement for their needs. If your unit is over a decade old, a lot has changed on the market. For starters, there are new Energy Star rated units that are guaranteed to save you money on your energy bill. But we think the most exciting thing about water heater replacement today is the options that exist for homeowners shopping around.

We provide many options for water heater replacement today, such as:

  • Tankless water heaters, recommended for homes with a lot of hot water usage
  • Gas water heaters, which heat water faster, and are usually less expensive to maintain
  • Electric water heaters, which are generally more energy efficient
  • Hybrid water heaters, a new technology with a lifespan of up to 20 years!

At Stuart’s Plumbing, we are here to help you with the selection and installation and can provide regular maintenance services, so that your next water heater system is working efficiently for years to come.

At Stuart’s Plumbing, we offer high-quality water heater replacement services in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale and Bartow, Florida.