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How Do You Know When it’s Time for Toilet Replacement?
While some toilet repairs can be tricky, toilet replacement is a fairly easy and quick job. The biggest question is when is it time to replace the whole toilet?

One instance in which it makes sense to replace your toilet is if your existing toilet is going to require extensive repairs or numerous replacement parts. If the cost of repair is too high, it might make sense to have toilet replacement instead. Then you would have fewer repairs down the road.

Another time that toilet replacement would make the most sense is when you have a crack in the porcelain of your toilet. This might be in the tank or bowl. A small crack can suddenly become a big leak. A small crack can also allow water to leak out over time, which could damage the floor around your toilet and create a big, expensive problem.

Over time, your toilet can also get scratched up, making it difficult to clean. Stains that are nearly impossible to remove can also appear in the bowl, especially from certain minerals. An improvement in the cosmetics of your bathroom is certainly a consideration when you are thinking about toilet replacement.

Toilet Replacement

Water usage is another important consideration. Older toilets use between three and five gallons of water per flush. Newer toilets can use two gallons or less. Over time, this reduction in water usage saves you a lot of money. If you have frequent trouble with clogs that require plunging, you’ll be glad to know that newer toilets tend to clog less frequently, as well.