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How Much Money are You Losing to a Leaky Faucet?

The phrase “pouring money down the drain” has been around for years. It’s typically used as metaphor for wasting money on useless things, but it’s never more literal than when you have a leaky faucet.

A leaky faucet might not seem like a big deal — in fact, some people may even find the rhythmic dripping sound to be soothing. However, that small drip may be wasting more water than you realize and that means higher utility bills every month. The USGS water drip calculator suggests that each drip from a faucet is approximately 0.25 milliliters of water. That means that it takes 15,140 drips to make 1 gallon of water. That means that if you have just one faucet that’s dripping at a rate of 10 drops per minute, you are losing 14,400 drops, or nearly a gallon of water every day. That’s 347 gallons every year!

A leaky faucet like the one described above will add about $20 a month to your water utility bill. A more rapid leak, like a faucet that drips once a second, could cost around $120 a month. Keep in mind that these numbers are for just one leaky faucet, and a leaking shower head wastes about the same amount of water and money as a faucet.

Other types of leaks are significantly worse. A pinhole sized hole in a pipe wastes around $100-$600 of water every month, and a toilet that doesn’t stop running wastes about $75-$150. If you have any type of water leak in your home or business, then you should not hesitate to call us at Stuart’s Plumbing and stop pouring money down the drain.