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Sewer Jetting Eliminates Clogs that Others Can’t

Sometimes, you run into tough clogs that just seem like they can’t be cleared. You may have attempted to clear it by plumbing or using a chemical treatment and seen little to no improvement. You may have even hired a plumbing service to try to clear it with a pipe snake only to be told that it can’t be cleared. If you’ve got a clog like that in your sewer line, it can be a serious problem. Sinks that won’t drain are unsightly, and toilets that won’t flush can cause serious health risks.

Luckily, there is another option. At Stuart’s Plumbing, we use the latest drain cleaning technology to eliminate clogs and fix slow drains. One of the techniques we use is called sewer jetting. Sewer jetting is also known as hydro-jetting or water jetting. It uses specialized equipment to blast through clogs and clear pipes with high pressure water jets.

A high pressure pump is connected to a special length of hose with a sewer jetting nozzle. The hose is inserted into the pipe similar to using a pipe snake, and then the pump is turned on. The water blasts forward from the nozzle at pressures up to 4,000 PSI, which breaks up clogs and clears the way for the hose to be inserted further. Once the initial clog is cleared, a second nozzle is attached to the hose that sprays the water towards the sides of the pipe. This clears any gunky buildup that may have formed on the interior walls of the pipe, allowing it to flow freely and reducing the risk of future clogs.