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Toilet Repair: Successfully Flushing Your Toilet Troubles Away

Chances are that if you have a leaky faucet, you’re either well-aware of the reasons why you need to get it fixed . . . or completely oblivious to them.  The difference in your perception is largely dependent upon your past experiences.  When you’ve had leaky faucets that have led to major issues, such as ruined floors, black mold growth, or other severe problems due to an overabundance of water, you know that getting your leaky faucets fixed quickly is essential to making your business a safe and appealing place to be.  In addition to the costly aspect of fixing leaky faucets, there’s also the aspect of taking care of your business, customers and employees.

Top 5 Things NOT to Do When You’ve Got a Leaky Faucet

While there are any number of things you could do to try to take care of a leaky faucet, here’s our list of the top 5 ways NOT to repair your leaky faucet:

  1. Hire an inexperienced friend, family member of person off the street to come in and take care of the task. Chances are they will only make the situation worse.
  2. Try to tackle the job yourself, thinking that you can add the task to your other responsibilities. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated.
  3. Ignore it, just believing it will go away on its own sooner or later, or worse yet, continue to turn the faucet handles tighter until they eventually fall off. Truthfully, your handles will fall off, and you may find yourself turning off the water valves instead of simply using the handle. If this is your solution, you’d better locate those “out of order” signs . . . and quickly.
  4. Ask your top employee to handle the task for you. Trust us, they won’t want to do it, and if they are offended by the insinuation that that’s how valuable they are to you, you may be looking for a new top employee soon.
  5. Duct tape it together because, of course, duct tape solves every problem, doesn’t it?

The truth is that while these are scenarios that can give you a small chuckle, if you truly want your leaky faucets taken care of quickly, effectively and properly, your best option is to call on us at Stuart’s