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Electronic Leak DetectionFinding a hidden leak in your home or business’ plumbing might seem like a daunting task. Most of the pipes are well hidden behind walls and under floors, and are not easily accessible without tearing those things out to get to the hidden pipes. We want to save you both time and money by avoiding all the guesswork. Our team of plumbers now use electronic leak detection to find the elusive leak through sound and computer technology.

Electronic leak detection tunes into the sound frequency produced by the leak itself, and can pinpoint where the sound is originating from. The sound might be a drip or a heavier flow of water. The sound frequency is picked up by the machine, which is placed outside the wall or on the floor and which can then be found with precision. Normal leak detection in the past would involve a lot of guesswork, and often the need to create many holes and opening in your walls or floors to determine the problem. Now, you can be saved that tedious and expensive method through the use of electronic leak detection.

Our technician will come to your home or business and discuss what the problem is. Is it low water pressure? Can you hear the sound of a drip somewhere in the walls, but have not been able to find it?  To our ears, the sounds might carry differently and be a bit deceptive as to their real location. After assessing the current plumbing and pinpointing the place where we think the leak might be stemming from, our technician will test the area using the electronic leak detection machine. Once the exact leak location is found, it is then a simple matter of accessing that one small area for plumbing repair or replacement.