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Water Line RepairToday’s refrigerators often come with the option of an icemaker, making our cold beverages and quick snacks more convenient. Proper installation of the water line to your refrigerator is important, but sometimes the water line needs to be repaired. Our team at Stuart’s Plumbing is prepared to assist you with ice maker installation and water line repair when you are experiencing problems with your refrigerator. Here are a few things we like to check for during a water line repair visit:

  • Loose Water Line – It’s important to have a good connection between the water line and the ice maker so that it is working properly. A loose water line can indicate that the connection is not as good as it could be, and we’ll need to address the issue.
  • Broken Seals – Additionally, broken seals can cause your water line to drip, causing pooling water underneath your fridge. We may need to replace the seals and tighten the water line so you have a better functioning ice maker.
  • Cracked or Torn Hoses – Sometimes the plastic hoses can become kinked, cracked, or torn, especially as they wear out with age. When we assist with water line repair, we can replace the broken hoses so your ice maker is working properly again.
  • Length of the Water Line – If there is condensation or poor connections from the water line to the ice maker, this could indicate the water line isn’t long enough. We’ll check to make sure the water line can be connected more securely or replace the line with one that is the right length.

Give us a call at Stuart’s Plumbing if you are experiencing problems with your ice maker or if you would like to have one installed. We are prepared to assist you!