Are you looking for a stable job?

For 30 years, Stuart’s Plumbing has been the well-renowned, trusted plumbing company of Lakeland. We are now offering an Apprentice Program through the Florida Association of PHCC to help provide the stability that you’re looking for. This hands-on, immersive program is designed to teach you all the skills needed to become a certified plumber anywhere in the United States, while also earning a living.


  • Earn while you learn. (Guaranteed and established progressive wage schedule.)
  • A family culture that cares about each other and their community
  • Develop a skill that will demand an above average wage.
  • Highly structured training.
  • Combination of on-the-job training and related technical classroom instruction.
  • Program is certified and sanctioned by the Office of Workforce Education in the Florida Department of Education.
  • Upon program completion, the Office of Workforce Education presents a certificate that is recognized and accepted worldwide.
  • Increased earning power.