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When you think of drain cleaning, you may think of a clogged kitchen sink or a bathroom plumbing concern. While we certainly can manage this type of drain cleaning problem, we also utilize heavy-duty equipment that is ideal for the biggest, toughest drain cleaning mishaps. We offer Hydrojet sewer and drain cleaning, which means that any sewer system in Lakeland can be freed of tough clogs more effectively.

Did You Know That Not All Clogged Drains are Immediately Obvious?

Most clogged drains don’t start as a clog. They actually begin as buildup over time from materials that may or may not be recommended for going down the drain. Over time, these seemingly harmless materials gather on the lining of your plumbing pipes until there is no room for water to proceed freely anymore. Indicators of a clog that is in progress include:

– Water that slowly goes down the drain, even though there are no apparent clogs.

– Gurgling sounds coming from sinks or plumbing fixtures.

– Strange odors coming from the drain itself, even after being cleaned.

Unfortunately, the first thing most people do when they suspect a clogged drain is to grab the liquid drain cleaner. This strong chemical mixture can sometimes help with drain cleaning, but other times it could make the problem worse.

Something generally considered safe for an at-home drain cleaning remedy is to pour vinegar and boiling hot water down the drain. If after a few minutes to an hour the drain does not clear, the best thing to do is to call in a professional from our team at Stuart’s Plumbing for assistance.

You never have to worry that drain cleaning is going to be a concern when you have our team of professionals on your side. Contact us today to see why so many of our customers refer us for all of their drain cleaning needs!

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